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Goth-Deathrock-Post Punk/Noise-Industrial-Cyberpunk-Glitch

This is a show that me and dj_redskeye made, its a DJ vs DJ show, let me know what you think.

DJ RedSkeÿe
DJ GrimlyFriendish

Odd Numbers: DJ RedSkeÿe
Even Numbers: DJ GrimlyFiendish

1/ Atari Bizkit - An Exercise in Stupidity
2/ Wailing Wall - Gift
3/ Chester Bennington - System
4/ Cinema Strange - Nightfalls (Pagans...Dancing?!)
5/ Punish Yourself - Night of the hunter
6/ The Brides - Hoity-Toity
7/ Christ Analogue - Optima
8/ The Cure - Doubt
9/ Venom Vampires - So Lost (feat. Boren Dava)
10/Belisha - People of the Dark
11/Nine Inch Nails - Sin
12/Sixteens - Cell Schedule
13/Schadenfreude - To Hope is to Fear
14/Screaming Banshee Aircrew - Retrograde Trajectories
16/The Three Johns - Death of the European
17/Clinical Torment - The Scalpel and the Whore (DJ RedSkeÿe remix)
18/Gothic Police - I Want to Die (I'm Gothic)

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