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DJ Grimly Fiendish Song Archives

 These are all the songs that I have to play. (as of this minute) My lists are always getting bigger. Please feel free to make suggestions, and requests of what I should add. Please note that I DJ: Goth, Batcave, Death Rock, Post Punk, Dark Punk, Horrorpunk, Dark Indie, etc.

Make Requests/Suggestions all comments welcome:)

DJ Grimly Fiendish Song Archive:
Goth Rock - Batcave - Post Punk - Death Rock - Horrorpunk


13th Crime - Coffin Maker.MP3
1919 - giant (original version).mp3
1919 - Cry Wolf
2 + 2 = 5 - Aavelaiva.mp3
2 + 2 = 5 - K. S. & V..mp3
23 Skidoo - Coup.mp3
24K Gold - Outside the Cut.mp3
39 Clocks - Psychotic Louie Louie.mp3
45 Grave - Party Time.MP3
45 Grave - Phantoms.mp3
45 Grave - Riboflavin.MP3
45 Grave - Slice O' Life.mp3
45 grave - Surf Bat.mp3
45 grave - violent world.mp3
A Spectre Is Haunting Europe - Anarchid.mp3
A Spectre is Haunting Europe - See You Inside.mp3
Action Action - Let's Never Go to Sleep.mp3
Action Pact - Gothic party Time.MP3
Adam & The Ants - Ant Music.MP3
Adam & the Ants - Beat My Guest.MP3
Adam & The Ants - Car Trouble.MP3
Adam & the Ants - Desperate but not Serious.MP3
Adam & The Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier.MP3
Adicts - Joker In The Pack.mp3
Adicts - Easy Way Out.mp3
AFI - ...But Home is Nowhere.mp3
AFI - Clove Smoke Catharsis.mp3
AFI - Third Season.mp3
Agent Orange - too young to die.mp3
Alien Sex Fiend - Another Planet.mp3
Alien Sex Fiend - Dead and Barried.MP3
Alien Sex Fiend - Grrl at the end of my Gun.MP3
Alien Sex Fiend - In God We Trust (In Cars You Rust).mp3
Alien Sex Fiend - New Christian Music.MP3
Alien Skull Paint - fly with me.mp3
All About Eve - D For Desire.mp3
And Also the Trees - midnight garden.mp3
Anorexic Dread - Tracey's Burning.mp3
Antarctica - Absence.mp3
Anti Nowhere League - The Curtain.mp3
Antiworld - banshee.mp3
Antiworld - cellar dweller.mp3
Antiworld - Frances Of Death.mp3
Arab on Radar - Kangaroo.mp3
Asmodi Bizarr - Spin The Wheel.mp3
Astrovamps - Zombie Dance.MP3
Audra - A Walk in the Woods.MP3
Audra - Fearless Peaches.MP3
Audra - Going to the Theatre.MP3
Audra - In Hollywood Tonight.mp3
Ausgang - Crawling the walls.mp3
Ausgang - Hots For Christ.mp3
Autodrone - Forward Fever.mp3
B-52's - Rock Lobster.mp3
Balam & the Angel - Two Into One.MP3
Bauhaus - Boys.MP3
Bauhaus - Lagartija nick.mp3
Bauhaus - of lillies and remains.mp3
Bauhaus - Sanity Assassin.MP3
Bauhaus - Shes in Parties.MP3
Bauhaus - Stigmata Martyr.MP3
Bauhaus - The Passion of Lovers.MP3
Belfegore - All That I Wanted.mp3
Belfegore - Nacht in Sodom.mp3
Belisha - People of the Dark.mp3
Bella Morte - As Night Calls.mp3
Bella Morte - Christina.MP3
Bella Morte - Coffin.mp3
Bella Morte - Eyes Of A Ghost .mp3
Big Electric Cat - Paris Skyes.mp3
Black Ice - Broken Pieces.mp3
Black Tape For a Blue Girl - Knock Three Times (Live).mp3
Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Knock Three Times.MP3
Bloc Party - Staying Fat.mp3
Blood And Roses - Enough Is Never Enough.mp3
Blood and Roses - Your Sin is Your Salvation.mp3
Bloody Dead & Sexy - Bloody Rose.MP3
bloody dead and sexy - fingers.mp3
Bloody Dead and Sexy - Funny, Sad & Cruel.mp3
Bloody Dead and Sexy - Hey ho armageddon!.mp3
Bohemien - Nella Nebbia (Non Oltre Sarò).mp3
Bomb Party - Harry Was a Babysitter.mp3
Bone Orchard - Kicking Up Saw dust.mp3
Bone Orchard - Princess Epilepsy.mp3
Brigandage - Hide and Seek.MP3
British Sea Power - Fear of Drowning.mp3
Bunnydrums - Crawl.mp3
Bunnydrums - Little Room.mp3
Bunnydrums - Magazine.mp3
Buzzcocks - Lipstick.mp3
Buzzcocks - What Do I Get.MP3
Buzzcocks - Everybody's Happy Nowadays.mp3
Buzzcocks - I Don't Know What to Do With My Life.mp3
Car Crash International - Seduction.mp3
Car Crash Intl. - Crash.mp3
Charge - Ugly Shadows.mp3
Chilren on Stun - Hallow.MP3
Christian Death - Romeos Distress.MP3
Christian Death - Cervix Couch (Spahn Ranch Mix).mp3
Christian Death - Deathwish [Wishful Death Mix].mp3
Christian Death - Dream For Mother.MP3
Christian Death - Figurative Theatre.MP3
Christian Death - Resurrection.mp3
Christian Death - Spirtital Cramp.MP3
Christian Death - This is Heresy.mp3
Cinema Strange - Aboriginal Anemia.mp3
Cinema Strange - Agent X-Ray.mp3
Cinema Strange - Catacomb Kittens.mp3
Cinema Strange - Greensward Grey.mp3
Circle of Sig Tiu - Dear Lord.mp3
Circle of Sig Tiu - Schwarze Raben.mp3
Ciril - Broken Window.mp3
Clair Obscur - Till the Morning Light.mp3
Clair Obscur - Wreck.mp3
Clan of Xymox - Consolation.mp3
Clan of Xymox - Its Not Enough.mp3
Clearlake - almost the same.mp3
Cocteau Twins - Blind Dumb Deaf.mp3
Cocteau Twins - Carolyn's Fingers.mp3
Cocteau Twins - Sugar Hiccup.mp3
Cocteau Twins - wax and wane.mp3
Cold Colours - Unseen.mp3
Cold Colours - Until The End.mp3
Concrete Blonde - God Is a Bullet.mp3
Corpus Delicti - Circle.mp3
Cranes - Shining road.mp3
Crisis - Alienation.MP3
Crispy Ambulance - Travel Time.mp3
Cuddly Toys - Bring On The Ravers.mp3
Cult of the Psychic Fetus - She Devil.mp3
D.I. - Richard Hung Himself.mp3
Dancing Did - Bagder Boys.mp3
Daniel Ash - Get Out Of Control.mp3
Danielle Dax - Big Hollow Man.mp3
Danielle Dax - Cat-House.mp3
Danielle Dax - White Knuckle Ride.mp3
Danse Society - Arabia.mp3
Danse Society - Heaven Is Waiting.mp3
Danse Society - We're So Happy.MP3
Danse Society - Angel.MP3
Das Kabinette - the Cabinet.mp3
Daucus Karota - The Stranger.mp3
David J - i'll be your chauffeur.mp3
Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove.mp3
Dead Kennedys - Police Truck.mp3
Dead Kennedys - Riot.mp3
Dead Milkmen - Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance to Anything).mp3
Deadbolt - Tiki Man.mp3
Deadbolt - Billy's Dead.mp3
Deadbolt - Voodoo Curse.mp3
Death Cult - God's Zoo.mp3
Death In Dresden - The Clip.mp3
Death in June - The Calling (MK II).MP3
Deep Enyde - Deep Dark Secret.mp3
Deep eynde - 13th Floor.mp3
Deep Eynde - Majick Man.mp3
Deep Eynde - She Likes Skulls.mp3
Deep Eynde - The Baby.mp3
Desmo Donte - Nevermore.mp3
Devilish Presley - Shes Not America.mp3
Die Laughing - Cascades.mp3
Die Laughing - Masquerade.mp3
Dirty on Purpose - Monument.mp3
Disco Heine Medina - Przecie Nie Powiesz Mi Gdzie Moje Miejsce.mp3
Diva Destruction - Enslaved.mp3
Dresden Dolls - Coin-Operated Boy.mp3
Dresden Dolls - Girl Anachronism.mp3
Dresden Dolls - The Jeep Song.mp3
Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon.mp3
Element - In The Nitetime.mp3
Element - Sound of angels.mp3
Empire Hideous - kissing your poison.mp3
Empire Hideous - Terror Clone.MP3
Empire Hideous - To Thread a Needle.mp3
Empire Hideous - Two Minutes Til Midnight.MP3
Empire hideous - power the empire.mp3
eNTERTAINME.nt - Dreaming (Of You).mp3
eNTERTAINME.nt - Patroness.mp3
eNTERTAINME.nt - Safe at One.mp3
eNTERTAINME.nt - The Queen's Beasts.mp3
Erase Errata - Marathon.mp3
Every New Dead Ghost - Not In A Lifetime.mp3
Exploited - Troops of Tommorow.mp3
Ex-Voto - Falling Apart.MP3
Ex-Voto - I Cry.mp3
Fahrenheit 451 - Cathedral In Ice.mp3
Faith & The Muse - In This Dream of Mine.MP3
Faith and The Muse - Plague Dance.mp3
Feud - Witchtrial.mp3
Fields Of The Nephilim - Blue Water.mp3
Fields of the Nephilim - Laura II.mp3
Fields of the Nephilim - Trees Come Down.mp3
Film School - Like You Know.mp3
Flesh for Lulu - Roman Candle.mp3
Flesh For Lulu - Sleeping Dogs.mp3
Flesh for lulu - Subterraneans.mp3
Flesheaters - A Minute to Pray a Second to Die.mp3
Flesheaters - Digging My Grave.mp3
Flesheaters - Pray Till You Sweat.mp3
Flesheaters - Tomorrow Never Comes.MP3
Flipper - Ha Ha Ha.mp3
Frank the Baptist - Bleeding In My Arms.mp3
Frank the Baptist - letters to earth.mp3
Frankenstein - Flesh Garage.mp3
Franz Ferdinand - take me out.mp3
Franz Ferdinand - The Dark of the Matinee.mp3
Furyo - Legacy.MP3
Furyo - The Opera In The Air.mp3
Gang of Four - Damaged goods.mp3
Gang of Four - Ether.mp3
Gang of Four - I Found That Essence Rare.mp3
Gaye Bykers On Acid - After Suck There's Blow.mp3
Gene Loves Jezebel - Bruises.mp3
Gene Loves Jezebel - Desire.mp3
Gene Loves Jezebel - Sweet Sweet Rain.mp3
Gene Loves Jezebel - The Cow.mp3
Gene Loves Jezebel - Upstairs.MP3
Ghost dance - heart full of soul.mp3
Ghost Train - Amazing Colossal Man.MP3
Ghost Train - Ghost in the Invisable Bikini.MP3
Glass Candy - Brittle Women.mp3
Gloria Mundi - Daughters Of Rich Men.mp3
Gloria Mundi - I Like Some Men.mp3
Gloria Mundi - Split Personality.mp3
Gloria Mundi - Dangerous to Dream.mp3
Gloria Mundi - Do You Believe.mp3
Gotterdammerung - echoes of despair.mp3
Green Circles - Jigsaw.mp3
Guilty Party - Lapse.mp3
Gun Club - Death party.mp3
Gun Club - Sex Beat.MP3
Hate in The Box - Porcelain.mp3
Hearts Fail - Architects of Love.mp3
Hellpop - Fadeaway.MP3
Holy Cow - Lil Bunny.mp3
Holy Kiss - The Jersey Devil.mp3
II. Invasion - Kommet all ihr Kinderlein.mp3
Ikon - headspin.mp3
Ikon - reality is lost.mp3
Ikon - so evil.mp3
In Excelsis - Carnival Of The Gullible.mp3
In Excelsis - The Sword.mp3
Inca Babies - she mercenary.mp3
Interpol - Obstacle 1.mp3
Interpol - PDA.mp3
Jad Wio - color in my dreams.mp3
Jad Wio - Rythm'n Box Bunny.mp3
Jad Wio - the ballad of candy valentine.mp3
Jad Wio - young girl.mp3
Jad Wio - Aubade à Simbad.mp3
Jad Wio - Bugs.mp3
Jad Wio - Cellar Dance.mp3
Jad Wio - Ophélie.mp3
Jad Wio - paint it black.mp3
Jad Wio - Taiba.mp3
Jad Wio - walk in the sky with diamonds.mp3
Jad Wio - you're gonna miss me.mp3
Jaquy Bitch - Cimetère.mp3
Jesus & Mary Chain - Head On.mp3
Jesus & the Mary Chain - April Skies.mp3
Jet black berries - love under will.mp3
Jet Black Berries - Shadow Drive.MP3
Joy Division - A Means To an End.MP3
Joy Division - Disorder.mp3
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart.mp3
Joy Division - Novelty.mp3
Joy Division - Shadowplay.MP3
Killing Joke - Eighties.mp3
Killing Joke - The Wait.mp3
Kindergarten - world turned upside down.mp3
Kommunity FK - Debauchery + Fuck the Kommunity.mp3
Kommunity Fk - Haunt.MP3
Kommunity FK - Is It Your Face.mp3
Kommunity Fk - Junkies.MP3
Kommunity Fk - Something Inside me has Just Died.MP3
Kommunity FK - We Will Not Fall.mp3
Kommunity Fk - Trollops.MP3
La Mamoynia - Decadence.mp3
KUKL - Dismembered.mp3
La Mamoynia - Ta macheria mou.mp3
Leather Nun - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie.MP3
legendary pink dots - Belladonna.mp3
Legendary Pink Dots - Blacklist.mp3
Leisure Hive - On Sectional Pad.mp3
Leisure Hive - Try to Be Still.mp3
Leitmotiv - Architect.mp3
Leningrad Sandwich - Another Ghost.mp3
Les Poetes Maudits - Break Yr Bones.mp3
Libitina - Gothic People.mp3
Libitina - Painted Whiter Than White.mp3
London After Midnight - Psycho Magnet.mp3
Look Back in Anger - executioner.mp3
Look Back in Anger - grey sky.mp3
Look Back in Anger - The Dark.MP3
Lords of the New Church - Lil Boys Play with Dolls.MP3
Lords of the New Church - Russian Roulette.mp3
The Lords of the New Church - New Church.mp3
Love and Rockets - Mirror People.mp3
Love and Rockets - So Alive.mp3
Love Like Blood - Kiss & Tell.mp3
Lowsunday - Elevate Her.MP3
Lowsunday - Wallpaper Room.MP3
Lowsunday - Zuff.MP3
Lycia - Pray.MP3
Madelia - The Compliment.mp3
Magazine - Shot By Both Sides.mp3
Malaria - Your Turn to Run.mp3
Malice in Leatherland - Suburban Holocaust.mp3
Malice Mizer - Illness Illusion.mp3
March Violets - 1-2 I love You.mp3
March Violets - Grooving In Green.mp3
Marionettes - Ave Dementia (edit).mp3
Marionettes - like christabel.mp3
Marquee Moon - Angst & War.mp3
Marquee Moon - Edge of Time.mp3
Mask For - Ressurrection.mp3
Meat of Youth - Meat of Youth.mp3
Mephisto Walz - Kokoro.mp3
Merry Thoughts - Low Violet.mp3
Mighty Sphincter - Impentigo.mp3
Mira - Cayman.MP3
Misfits - Violent world.mp3
Mister Monster - Bigger Shop of Horrors.mp3
Mister Monster - Over Your Dead Body.mp3
Mister Monster - Prom Night.mp3
Mister Monster - This Night I Call (Bad Luck).mp3
Mister Monster - Til The End.MP3
Mister Monster -Teenaged Dreams.mp3
Modern English - Smiles and Laughter.mp3
Morrisey - Irish Blood, English Heart.mp3
Morthem Vlade Art - Beyond Sorrow.mp3
Moving units - Unpersuaded.mp3
Murder at the Registry - Cupido.mp3
Musta Paraati - Peilitalo.mp3
Musta Paraati - Romanssi.mp3
My Favorite - Burning Hearts.mp3
My Favorite - Working Class Jacket.mp3
Neva - louchald.mp3
Neva - Sacrilège.mp3
Neva - Vision.mp3
New Days Delay - Selected Sunrises.mp3
New Math - Dead of Night.mp3
New Math - The Restless Kind.mp3
New Model Army - 51st State of America.MP3
New Model Army - Bittersweet.mp3
New Model Army - Tension.mp3
new model army - Vengeance.mp3
Nick Cave and the Bade Seeds - Red Right Hand.mp3
Norma Loy - 1964 Shadows.mp3
Norma Loy - Dance Of Darkness.mp3
Nosferatu - Sucker for Love.mp3
Nosferatu - The Wiccaman.mp3
Oberkampf - Hopital.mp3
Of a Mesh - Life's Liquid.mp3
Oingo Boingo - Who Do You Want To Be.mp3
Opera De Nuit - Boris transylvania camp.mp3
Paralisis Permanente - El Acto.mp3
Paralisis Permanente - Tengo un Pasajero.mp3
Party Day - Atoms.mp3
Party Day - Glasshouse.mp3
Penis Flytrap - Scream My Darling.mp3
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up.mp3
Phantom Chords - Fever in My Blood.mp3
Phantom Chords - This House is Haunted.mp3
Phantom Chords - You & I.mp3
Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven.mp3
Play Dead - Propaganda.MP3
Play Dead - This Side of Heaven.mp3
PlayDead - The Tenant.mp3
Pneumania - Exhibition.mp3
Princess Tinymeat - Put It There (inch mix).mp3
Psychic TV - Good Vibrations.mp3
Public Image Limited - Face of Death.MP3
Public Image Limited - This Is Not a Lovesong.mp3
Public Image Ltd. - Death Disco.mp3
Public Image Ltd. - Public Image.mp3
Public Image ltd. - Seattle.mp3
Quidam - Horrores.MP3
Radio Berlin - D.E.S..mp3
Radio Berlin - Gauze.mp3
Radio Werewolf - 1960 Cadillac Hearse.mp3
Radio werewolf - Buried Alive.mp3
Ramones - Pet Sematary.MP3
Read Letters - Clawing Curtins.MP3
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Happy.mp3
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Hollow Eyes.mp3
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Monkey's On Juice.mp3
Red Temple Spirits - Dark Spirits.MP3
Red Temple Spirits - Rollercoaster.mp3
Remain in Silence - Roses On My Dying Bed.mp3
Rikk Agnew - 10.MP3
Rikk Agnew - Its Doing Something.MP3
Rikk Agnew - Yur 2 Late.MP3
Ritual - Nine.mp3
Ritual - Brides.mp3
Roesetta Stone - The Witch.MP3
Rosetta Stone - Something Strange.mp3
Rose of Avalanche - Rise to the Groove.mp3
Rose of Avalanche - Too Many Castles in the Sky.mp3
Roses of Avalanche - Rise to the Groove.MP3
Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone - Flowers.mp3
Rubella Ballet - Arctic Flowers.mp3
Rubella Ballet - Ballet Dance.MP3
Rubella Ballet - Tangled Web.mp3
Rudimentary Peni - Dutchmen.mp3
Rudimentary Peni - Nothing But a Nightmare.MP3
Rudimentary Peni - The Cloud Song.mp3
Rudimentary Peni - The Evil Clergyman.mp3
Sad Lovers and Giants - White Russians.mp3
Savage Republic - next to nothing.mp3
Scary Bitches - Lesbian Vampyres from outer Space.mp3
Scary Bitches - Piss all over your grave.mp3
Screaming Dead - Creature of the Night.MP3
Screaming Dead - Paint it Black.mp3
Screams for tina - nightmare.mp3
Sex Gang Children - Arms Of Cicero.mp3
Sex Gang Children - Boss & Beauty.mp3
Sex Gang Children - Children's Prayer.mp3
Sex gang children - Dead Metal.mp3
Sex Gang Children - Ecstasy & Vendetta.MP3
sex gang children - giaconda smile.mp3
Sex Gang Children - Ida-Ho.mp3
Sex gang Children - Last chants of the slow dance.MP3
Sex Gang Children - Quick Gas Gang.MP3
Sex Gang Children - Times Of Our Lives.mp3
Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK.mp3
Sexbeat - Sexbeat.mp3
Sexbeat - Sweat.mp3
Shadow Project - Holy Hell.mp3
Shadow Project - Maybe Someday.mp3
Siekiera - Na Zewnatrz.mp3
Signal & Report - Before My Eyes.mp3
Signal and Report - Over The Wire.mp3
Signal and Report - Signals.mp3
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cities In Dust.mp3
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Dear Prudence.mp3
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Eve White, Eve Black.MP3
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Happy House.mp3
Siouxsie & the banshees - head cut.mp3
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Hong Kong Garden.mp3
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Poppy Day.mp3
Siouxsie & The Banshees - red light.mp3
Sisterhood - giving ground.mp3
Sisters of mercy - Lucretia my reflection.mp3
Sisters Of Mercy - Dominion - Mother Russia
Sisters of Mercy - Flood I
Sisters of Mercy - Flood II
Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion
Sisters Of Mercy - Detonation Boulevard.mp3
Sixteens - Body Bag.mp3
Sixteens - Community People.mp3
Sixteens - Figuartive Character.mp3
Sixteens - Working For You.mp3
Sixth Chamber - Mesmera's Gaze.mp3
Sixth Chamber - Molded Truths.mp3
Sixth Chamber - Possessed.mp3
Skeletal Family - Hands on the Clock.MP3
Skeletal Family - Promised Land.mp3
Skeletal Family - So Sure.mp3
Skeletal Family - Trees.MP3
Sleeping Children - Lilies Dead.MP3
Sleeping Children - Poppys Screen The Light.mp3
Sleepless - Kings of Decadence.mp3
Social Distortion - Lude Boy.mp3
Social Distortion - Mommy's Little Monster.mp3
Social distortion - the creeps.mp3
Sol Invictus - God Told Me To.mp3
Southern Death Cult - Fatman.MP3
Southern death cult - The Crypt.mp3
Southern Death Cult - The Girl.MP3
Spear Of Destiny - Never Take Me Alive.mp3
Specimen - Beauty of Poison.mp3
Specimen - Brainburst.mp3
Specimen - Dead Mans Autochop.MP3
Specimen - Hex (7'' mix).MP3
Specimen - Returing from a Journey.mp3
Specimen - Syria.mp3
Specimen - Tell Tail.mp3
Spector Protector - Reciprication.mp3
SSQ - Tonight (We'll Make Love Until we Die).mp3
Stellastarr - Jenny.mp3
Stellastarr - Pulp Song.mp3
Stimmen der Stille - Todeslied.mp3
Stone 588 - Lightning Rails.mp3
Strawberry Switchblade - deep water.mp3
Sun Glasses After Dark - morbid silence.mp3
Sunshine Blind - H4Y.mp3
Super Heroines - Children of The Light.mp3
Swann Danger - Motion To Bliss.mp3
Tall Boys - Wednesday Addam's Boyfriend.mp3
Teardrop Explodes - Reward.mp3
Terminal Power Company - Burning Chrome (Mk I).mp3
Thanatos - Splinters (Re-stripped).MP3
The Bolshoi - Away.MP3
The Bolshoi - Books on the Bonfire.mp3
The Bolshoi - Boxes.mp3
The Bolshoi - Happy Boy.mp3
The Bolshoi - Lindy's Party.mp3
The Bolshoi - Sunday Morning.mp3
The Bonapartes - Shiny light.mp3
The Bonapartes - the battle of lena.mp3
The Bonapartes - Voodoo Revenge.mp3
The Bonapartes - Waterloo' front.mp3
The Bonapartes - Women in light.mp3
The Brickbats - Funeral Drive.mp3
The Brickbats - Like Mayflies.mp3
The Brickbats - Run For Your Love Life.MP3
The Brickbats - The Creature.MP3
The Brickbats - The Worst Thing.mp3
The Brickbats - undead rock and roll music.mp3
The Brides - Baby Girls Are Much More Tender.mp3
The Brides - Black Market Rebate.MP3
The Brides - Curtains.mp3
The Brides - Normal.MP3
The Brides - Pin up Doll.mp3
The Brides- Dress Code Blue.mp3
The Causey Way - Geological Lust.mp3
The Chameleons UK - Home Is Where The Heart Is.mp3
51The Chameleons UK - In Shreds.MP3
The Chameleons UK - Second Skin.mp3
The Chameleons UK - Up The Down Escalator.mp3
The Cold War - Apathy
The Clash - London Calling
The Cold War - Chiaroscuro.mp3
The Cramps - Mystery Plane.mp3
The Cramps - Surfin Dead.mp3
The Cramps - TV Set.mp3
The Cult - Phoenix.mp3
the Cult - Rain.mp3
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary.mp3
The Cult - Spiritwalker.mp3
The Cure - Doing The Unstuck.mp3
The Cure - Disintagration.MP3
The Cure - Do the Hansa.mp3
The Cure - Fascination Street.MP3
The Cure - Lovesong.MP3
The Cure - Mr Pink Eyes.MP3
The Cure - New Day.mp3
The Cure - Pillbox Tales.mp3
The Cure - Push.mp3
The Cure - The Blood.MP3
The Cure - The Exploding Boy.mp3
The cure- Just like heaven.mp3
The Cure - Faith.mp3
The Cure - Drowning Man.mp3
The Cure - Doubt.mp3
The Cure - Funeral Party.mp3
The Cure - Other Voices.mp3
The Cure - Primary.mp3
The Cure - 100 Years.mp3
The Damned - Amen.MP3
The Damned - Beauty of the Beast.MP3
The Damned - She.MP3
The Damned - W.MP3
The Damned - Would You Be So Hot (If You Werent So Dead).MP3
The Damned - Love Song.mp3
The Damned - 13th Floor Vednetta.mp3
The Damned - 8th Day.MP3
The Damned - Alone Again Or.mp3
The Damned - Dead Beat Dance.MP3
The Damned - Edward the Bear.MP3
The Damned - Eloise.mp3
The Damned - Grimly Fiendish.mp3
The Damned - Gun Fury.MP3
The Damned - Is it a Dream.MP3
The Damned - Life Goes On.MP3
The Damned - Nasty.mp3
The Damned - Sanctum Sanctorum.mp3
The Damned - Shadow of love.MP3
The Damned - The Dog.MP3
The Damned - The History of the World (Part 1).mp3
The Damned - The Pleasure and the Pain.MP3
The Damned - They'll Come a Day.MP3
The Damned - Thrill Kill.mp3
The Damned - Amen.MP3
The Damned - Beauty of the Beast.MP3
The Damned - She.MP3
The Damned - W.MP3
The Damned - Would You Be So Hot (If You Werent So Dead).MP3
The Dark - Shattered Glass.mp3
The Dark - The Masque.MP3
The Dark - The Pleasure is Pain.mp3
The Elizabeth Dane - Some Kind Of Stranger.mp3
The Exploited - Troops Of Tomorrow.mp3
The Fall - Mr. Pharmacist.mp3
The Flesh - Death Connection.mp3
The Floor - Drown.mp3
The Gothics - Spider on the Wall (Fucked in the head).mp3
The Hatorii - Island of the Zombie Women.mp3
The Holy Kiss - The Jersey Devil.mp3
The Horatii - Body of the Fish.mp3
The Horatii - Riposte.mp3
The March Violets - Snake Dance.mp3
The merry thoughts - Low Violet.mp3
The Merry Thoughts - We Love To.mp3
the Mist of Avalon - A Shallow Grave.mp3
the mob - no doves fly here.mp3
The Mob- Crying Again.mp3
The Naked and the Dead -Taboo.mp3
The Neon Judgement - Chinese Black.mp3
The Phantom Limbs - Active Verbs.mp3
The Phantom Limbs - Castanets Cookie.mp3
The Phantom Limbs - Wrenches And Spoons.mp3
The Plague - Naraka.mp3
The Pleased - Already Gone.mp3
The Prids - Contact.mp3
The Prids - Glide, Screamer.mp3
The Prids - The Problem.mp3
The Prids - You As the Colorant.mp3
The Ramones - Teenage Lobotomy.mp3
The Rapture - The Chair That Squeaks.mp3
The Rogers Sisters - I Dig A Hole.mp3
The Rose Of Avalanche - Too Many Castles In The Sky.mp3
The Smiths - Cemetry Gates.mp3
The Sound - Skeleton.mp3
The Stills - Love and Death.mp3
The Three Johns - 20th Century Boy.mp3
The Three Johns - Death of the European.mp3
The Unholy Guest - Black Clouds, Red Skies.mp3
The Unholy Guest - Synapses Cry.mp3
The Vanishing - Princess Poison.mp3
The Vanishing - White Walls.mp3
The Wake - Christine.mp3
The Walkmen - The Rat.mp3
The Wall - Ghetto.mp3
Theatre Of Hate - Black Madonna.mp3
Theatre Of Hate - Do You Believe In The Westworld.mp3
Theatre Of Hate - Original Sin.mp3
Theatre Of Ice - A Cool Dark Place To Die.mp3
theatre of Ice - in the attic.mp3
Tones on Tail - Burning Skies.mp3
Tragic Black - Contortionist Conformist.mp3
Tragic Black - Nachtschleichen (Graveyard Mix).MP3
Tragic Black - Nachtschleichen (Reanimated mix).mp3
Tragic Black - Nachtschleichen.mp3
Trance to the Sun - Slave.mp3
TSOL - 80s Times.MP3
TSOL - Beneath the Shadows.mp3
TSOL - Code Blue.MP3
TSOL - Die For Me.MP3
TSOL - forever old.mp3
TSOL - Glass Streets.mp3
TSOL - Nothing For You.mp3
TSOL - She'll Be Saying.MP3
TSOL - Silent Scream.MP3
TSOL - Soft Focus.mp3
TSOL - Sounds of Laughter.MP3
TSOL - Weathered Statues.mp3
Turn Pale - Light Melts Away.mp3
Turn Pale - Sycophant.mp3
Tuxedomoon - No Tears.mp3
TV personalities - part time punks.mp3
Twisted Nerve - Yes Man.mp3
Two if By Sea - 100 Days.mp3
Ultravox! - artificial life.mp3
Ultravox - Distant smile.mp3
Ultravox! - while i'm still
U2 - An Cat Dubh.mp3
UK Decay - Jerusalem Over (The White Cliffs of Dover).mp3
UK Decay - Rising from the Dead.mp3
UK Decay - Unexpected Guest.MP3
Vibrators, The - Disco In Moscow.mp3
Virgin Prunes - Baby Turns Blue.MP3
Virgin Prunes - Caucasian Walk.mp3
Virgin Prunes - twenty tens.mp3
Voltaire - When You're Evil.MP3
Wailing Wall - Gift.mp3
Wasted Youth - Games.mp3
Wasted Youth - Housewife.mp3
Wasted Youth - I Wish I Was A Girl.mp3
Wasted Youth - Maybe We'll Die With Them.mp3
Wire - i feel mysterious today.mp3
Wire - Pink Flag.mp3
Wolfgang Press - Kansas.mp3
Wreckage - Believe.mp3
Wreckage - Bodycount Jive.mp3
X - Nausea.mp3
X Ray Spex - Oh Bondage, Up Yours!.mp3
Xmal Deutschland - Boomerang.MP3
Xmal Deutschland - Mondlicht.mp3
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control.mp3
Zero Le Creche - Last Year's Wife.mp3
Zombina & the Skeletones - Come On.MP3
Zombina & the Skeletones - I Love Rock & Roll.MP3
Zombina & the Skeletones - Horror Highschool.MP3
Zombina & the Skeletones - I Was a Human Bomb For the FBI.MP3
Zombina & the Skeletones - Meterorite.MP3
Zombina & the Skeletones - Horror Highschool.MP3
Zombina & the Skeletones - Nobody Likes You (When You're Dead).mp3



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