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bad me

Ok I have been a bad man, and havent even posted in my own community in ages, please someone slap my wrist. Anyway, I do believe i have some updates to make.

For one, July I was nothing like what I planned:

July I:

Project Pitchfork - Behind the Fog
Obscyre - True Faith
Iris - Unknown (Sub Rosa mix)
Formula Redux - Altered States
Backandtotheleft - Misstep (Assemblage 23 mix)
Syrian - Navigation (Delobbo mix)
Beborn Beton - Im Innern Einer Frau (Neuroticfish mix)
Joke Jay - Angelfixxt (Speedball extended mix)
L'image Synthetique - Away (DJ RAM & Monopoly mix)
Moulin Noir - The Waiting Room (Monumental mix)
Basic Pleasure Model - Sunyata (3PM Delivery mix)
The Dignity of Laubor - XRV (Nervaakka mix)
Brave New World - Drug (Rehabilitated mix)
Raindancer - Sleepless (Ganymede mix)
Glis - Sunrise (Club mix)
De/Vision - I Regret (Colony 5 mix)

Good show all in all, I got lots of good comments for it, people who listned loved it, alot of people said that enjoyed dancing to something with new tunes, and hot beats, thanks. and thanks to Misguided27 for helping me with that little bug in the program to set the show up, thanks again.

anyway, July II's show is almost ready to be released! Now, this will be the most synthpoppy show I have done to date, its got some of my favorite synthpop tunes on it, and is great to dance to, and just a real treat to listen to, it was fun to make, and set up, got nice requests for songs people wanted to hear, and took a couple of suggestions, thanks peeps.

here is.........July II

DJ Synthetic:Love
Presents: July II
July 15th - August 1st

Real Life - Oblivion (Neverakka mix)
De/Vision - Heart Shaped Tumor (Icon of Coil mix)
KAJ - Picture on the Wall (Maxi mix)
Soviet - Commute
Atlantic Popes - World (Remix)
I, Synthesist - Red Clouds
Boytronic - Blue Velvet (Extended)
Echoing Green - Story of Our Lives (Echo Image mix)
Sweep - Emptiness, Your Lonliness (Echo Image mix)
B! Machine - Undeceived (DJ RAM Somthing To Me mix)
New Clear Sky - Vast (Six's Colossal mix)
Count to Infinity - Popism (Dance mix by Echo Image)
Moon Rock - A Day Like This
The Dignity of Labour - Oxygen
Beborn Beton - Another World (fap7 classico mix)

enjoy folks, leave comments, and if you are a band and want to be heard on my shows, please send me a promo or regular CD to:

*DJ Synthetic:Love
Justin Carver
6802 Laramie Dr Romulus, MI 48174 (USA)*
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