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This is the future....now

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This is a community were DJs of Futurepop/Synthpop/EBM/Electro-Industrial/Industrial dance can share their playlists with the rest of the world, and give insight on new acts out their that need to be played! So share your work! and synth on!

18 summers, absurd minds, aiboforcen, amduscia, and one, apb, assemblage 23, ayria, b! machine, backlash, beborn beton, bruderscaft, carol masters, clan of xymox, cleen, code 64, colony 5, computorgirl, conjure one, cosmicity, count 2 infinity, covenant, cruxshadows, ctrl, culture kultur, dark illumination, das ich, daybehavior, de/vision, delerium, diallektrik, digital geist, din_fiv, dj redskeÿe, dj synthetic:love, droom, dubok, dust of basement, echo image, echoing green, eco, eight to infinity, elegent machinery, eloquent, empire state human, epsilon minus, eurovision, fairlight children, front line assembly, funker vogt, ganymede, gebrauche musik, girls under glass, glis, goteki, green court, grendel, halovox, headscan, hmb, hocico, i synthesist, icon of coil, imperative reaction, implant, in strict confidence, informatik, intervox, intution, iris, l'ame imortelle, leatherstrip, leiahdorus, lights of euphoria, lost signal, low technicians, macangel, macondo, massiv in mensch, matrix, melotron, merge, mind.in.a.box, monofader, monolith, moon rock, moulin noir, namnambulu, nasa, nebula-h, neikka rpm, neurepublik, neuroactive, neuropa, neuroticfish, new order, nitzer ebb, november process, nukleon, observe and control, ohgr, plazma, pleasures remain, pride and fall, project pitchfork, provision, psyche, pti, pulcher femina, pzycho bitch, raindancer, razed in black, re/work, re_agent, real life, red flag, regenerator, rename, resistance d, resurrection eve, routersand, seabound, seize, silence is sexy, simronan, skinny puppy, soft cell, solemn assembly, soviet, state of the union, stochastic theory, suicide commando, sweep, syrian, t.o.y., the azoic, the dignity of labour, the faint, the nine, trans-x, transmutator, univaque, universal poplab, velvet acid christ, virtual server, vnv nation, wideband network, x marks the pedwalk, xpq-21, z-prochek