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DJ Synthetic:Love UPDATED playlist archive

Lets update once more: January I - October I


January I:
Razed In Black - Oh My Goth! (DJ RIB Trance)
Empire State Human - liquid blue
Neuroticfish - There Is A Light....
Ayria - DOS
Gebrauche Musik - Crisis (DJ RAM mix)
T.O.Y. - fairytale (syrian mix)
Re-Work - perfect day
Blank - overhead (extended dance mix)
Z Prochek - In My Mind (Epsilon Minus Remix)
Crocshop - world (assemblage 23 global remix)
camouflage - i cant feel you (mellow trax club mix)
The Azoic - conflict (massiv in mensch mix)
front line assembly - colombian necktie (return to war mix)
Echo Image - Need to B Proud (Proud to Dance mix)
Dark Illumination - Clear [Alpha Centauri mix]
January II
Apoptygma Berzerk - Until the end of the world
God Module - Telekinetic
Namnambulu - Now or Never (album version)
Croc Shop - Generation
Iris - The Way I Live My Life (Distant World Mix)
18 Summers - Turn off the Radio (TOY mix)
Glis - It's empty in her eyes
T.O.Y. - Another Lovesong (Trance Mix by Massiv in Mensch)
Psyche - Sanctuary (Icon of Coil mix)
Z Prochek - One Last Time (album version)
St.Vitus Dance - Big Bad City (Singapore)
Syrian - No Atmosphere (Extended Club Mix)
Bruderschaft - Forever (Remix by Feindflug feat. Aeroflot)
Neuroticfish - Prostitute (nyc club mix)
Lights of Euphoria - Injustice (leather stip remix)

February I
Razed in Black - Share This Poison
Implant - Gateway (diskonnekted mix)
Mark 'oh - Sparrows and Nightingales
Epsilon Minus - Through (All Your Synthpop...mix)
Brummkreiselband - Gay Alive (Haujobb's Myer Version)
Massiv in Mensch - schach matt
Re-Work - never seen tomorrow
Solemn Assembly - Falling
Clan of xymox - Theres no Tomorrow (run level zero mix)
Colony 5 - Black (DJ ram black and white mix)
Hocico - Spit as an Offence (escupatijo mix)
Melotron - Folge Mir ins Licht (Verdienter mix Des Volkes)
Cosmicity - Oxygenius (Assemblage 23 remix)
Project Pitchfork - Timekiller (Axel Ermes remix)
Rotersand - Truth is fanatic
February II
Nitzer Ebb - Murderous (phil kieren mix)
Melotron - kindertaum (club mix)
SITD - Lebensborn
Cosmicity - Departure (raindancer mix)
Cleen - Did you foget? (Demo version)
PTI - Tunnel Vision (Assemblage 23 mix)
Void Kampf - Electonic Body Jesus
This Morn Ominia - The immultable sphere
Amduscia - dios vuelto miseria
Seabound - Go international
In Strict Confidence - The Darkest Corridors
Angels & Agony - Heart and Soul (traumatic mix)
Leatherstrip - Sex Dwarf
And One - Kreiger (Mofuturepop mix)
Oomph - Augen Auf
March I
Project Pitchfork - Corps d'amour
Agency-x - Don't hold your Breath (waste of time mix)
Trans X - Living On Video 2003 (club mix)
Observe and Control - Purges (Kehrwert Remix)
Eloquent - Moonlight Over London
No Comment - Phoenix (Club Mix By DJ Ram)
Moon Rock - Everybody Everywhere (B! Machine mix)
Solitary Experiments - Do you Feel
Echo Image - The Neverending Story (Fantasian Mix)
S.P.O.C.K - Babylon 5
Mesh - It Scares Me (Fearful mix)
MODyssey - I Know Goodbye
Front Line Assembly - Plasticity
Droom - Stay!
Raindancer - A perfect day
X-Marks The Pedwalk - Monomaniac
March II
Resurrection Eve - Zen
Eco - Rosarot
I, Synthesist - Paralyzed
Nebula-H - Inhibition (Feat. Aiboforcen) Ho1
Absurd Minds - Hezlos (Soman mix)
Black Heaven - Zu dir (Blutenge mixl)
Zeraphine - Be my rain (club mix)
Bit Pixel - 017845652 (talking down a wire)
Seabound - Poisonous Friend
EuroVision - Without You (Sequencia mix)
Javelin & Lowy - Generator X.078 (Bounce Version)
Statemachine - Thermal Noise (Forbidden Colours Remix)
Welle Erdball - Telespiele
Mythos'n' DJ Cosmo - Send Me An Angel (Extended Vocal mix)
Boole - Everyday is Halloween
Code 64 - Without You (Z Prochek mix)

April I
Ivory Frequency - Clock Is Ticking Fast
Girls Under Glass - Erinnerung
Raindancer - Come with Me
Camouflage - The Great Commandment (Extended Dance Mix)
Feindflug - Kopfschuss (Aeroflot mix)
Assemblage 23 - Disappoint (Lights of Euphoria Mix)
Neuropa - Bound (Extended Definition)
Red Flag - Machines (Metal Shop Extended)
Echoing Green - December (Neuropa mix)
Schiller mit Heppner - Leben (fernsehfassung)
Underworld - Two Months Off
Velvet Acid Christ - decypher (force = authority)
Grendel - pax psychosis (tactical sekt mix)
Second Sight - Pain in Me (futurepop mix by VNV Nation)
Neikka RPM - Bound with Sympathy (RIB mix)
April II:
CTRL - Left to Find
Syrian - Vega Velocity
Carol Masters - Connect (Comrade Kick Remix by Soviet)
Raindancer - Sleepless (fr/action mix)
Moon Rock - Everyday Superstar (glis mix)
Birmingham 6 - Attracted By The Light (remixed by Carbon 12)
The Faint - Glass Danse (paul oakenfold remix)
L'àme Immortelle - Tiefster Winter (Zeromancer mix)
Spahn Ranch - Heretic's Fork (Belief Mix)
Digital Geist - Digitalis V.3
S.P.O.C.K - Satellites (sputnik mix)
De/Vison - Your Hands On My Skin (Sonnet Shuttle mix)
Halovox - Deception
Boytronic feat Woofer - you (club mix)
Droom - While We Can (Syrian Mix)
May I:
Nebula-H - Twlight Zone
Clan of Xymox - Innocent (Assemblage 23 mix)
Transmutator - Equal Oppertunity Slut
Solitary Experiments - Fastforward (Total Rewind mix)
Colony 5 - Follow your Heart (DJ RAM mix)
Leihiadorus - Indignent
Apoptygma Berzerk - Untitled II (Sweep mix)
Secsession - Touch (12' mix)
Wolfsheim - Blind (2004 herbig mix)
Angel Theory - Transmission (seele)
Seabound - transformer (antispetic mix)
Zeromancer - Clone Your Lover (Project Pitchfork Remix)
ReAgent - weak and wounded (vox mix)
God Module - Companion (Solitary Experiments mix)
Funker Vogt - Final Thrill (Christian Michael mix)
May II:
All Hail the King of Hate
Syrian - Space Overdrive (Extended dance mix)
The Dignity of Labour - Oxygen (Demo)
Cesium 137 - Hymn
Dekoy - Silent Space
Goteki - Phuturist (Echo Image mix)
Neuropa - Standing Alone in Time
Univaque - Nothing Can Be Saved (u1_4_c5 mix)
Rotersand - Almost Violent (Album Re/Cut mix)
Cut.Rate.Box - Zionstank (Assemblage 23 mix)
Stromkern - Re/Align (Cut Rate Box mix)
Wumpscut - Crown of Thorns (Naked Beat mix)
Sero.Overdose - For You
Boytronic - Living Life Without You (DJ RAM mix)
Solitary Experiments - The Essence of Mind (ReAgent mix)
Melotron - Erwartungen

June I:

Wave in Head - Progress (DJ RAM mix)
Count To Infinity - Undertow (Icon of Coil mix)
Dust of Basement - Outside
Neurepublik - Come Undone
Clan of Xymox - Anguish (Iris mix)
Neikka RPM - I am Your Girl (DKoy mix)
Fr/Action - Guardian (club mix)
NamNamBulu - Faces (WHS mix)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Unicorn (T.O.Y. mix)
Neuroactive - Space Divider (radioactive mix)
System 22 - Until You Say You Are (Iris mix)
Virtual Server - Wide Awake (Cinsault mix)
Razed in Black - Visions
Boole - Totally Alone
Cobalt 16 - 12 Months

June II

Massiv in Mensch - In Zeiten wie Diesen
Ayria - Red Shift
Moulin Noir - The White Room (DJ RAM Insomnia mix)
Carpe Diem - Them (DJ RAM edit)
Moonrock - Angel in You
Backlash - Alter Ego
Neuroactive - Innerspaceman
Echo Image - Listen to the Stars
Assemblage 23 - Opened (DJ RAM mix)
Glis - No Pulse (Grendel mix)
Virtual Server - Why (Would I?) (Hajas mix)
Mesh - Friends Like These (Icon of Coil Xenomorph mix)**
Provision - Visualize
November Process - Stability
Neurepublik - Emptiness Machine
Stochastic Theory - What You Weren't (Epsilon Minus mix)

July I

Project Pitchfork - Behind the Fog
Obscyre - True Faith
Iris - Unknown (Sub Rosa mix)
Formula Redux - Altered States
Backandtotheleft - Misstep (Assemblage 23 mix)
Syrian - Navigation (Delobbo mix)
Beborn Beton - Im Innern Einer Frau (Neuroticfish mix)
Joke Jay - Angelfixxt (Speedball extended mix)
L'image Synthetique - Away (DJ RAM & Monopoly mix)
Moulin Noir - The Waiting Room (Monumental mix)
Basic Pleasure Model - Sunyata (3PM Delivery mix)
The Dignity of Laubor - XRV (Nervaakka mix)
Brave New World - Drug (Rehabilitated mix)
Raindancer - Sleepless (Ganymede mix)
Glis - Sunrise (Club mix)
De/Vision - I Regret (Colony 5 mix)

July II

Real Life - Oblivion (Neverakka mix)
De/Vision - Heart Shaped Tumor (Icon of Coil mix)
KAJ - Picture on the Wall (Maxi mix)
Soviet - Commute
Atlantic Popes - World (Remix)
I, Synthesist - Red Clouds
Boytronic - Blue Velvet (Extended)
Echoing Green - Story of Our Lives (Echo Image mix)
Sweep - Emptiness, Your Lonliness (Echo Image mix)
B! Machine - Undeceived (DJ RAM Somthing To Me mix)
New Clear Sky - Vast (Six's Colossal mix)
Count to Infinity - Popism (Dance mix by Echo Image)
Moon Rock - A Day Like This
The Dignity of Labour - Oxygen
Beborn Beton - Another World (fap7 classico mix)

August I

L'ame Immortelle - Forgive Me (2000 mix)
Icon of Coil - Acess & Amplify (Hudlager mix)
Neuroactive - Moments Passing By (Neuropop mix)
The Nine - I Won't (Iris club mix)
Cosmicity - Too Far Gone (Extremely No Good mix)
Moon Rock - Everybody Everywhere (Chris S mix)
Diary of Dreams - O'Brother Sleep (Extended Sleepwalk mix)
Emenence of Darkness - Blinde Wut
Glis - Letting Go (Feat. Jennifer Parkins)
XP8 - She Says (Assemblage 23 mix)
Front Line Assembly - Blade (Blindfold)
Hocico - Ruptura (Apoptygma Berzerk mix)
Din_Fiv - Clear (Is Not a Colour)
Provision - Breathe
Uranium Orchid - Silverline

August II

Ayria - Start Again
Black Heaven - Without You
Icon of Coil - Other Half of Me
Dubok - Dense (Interface mix)
The Cruxshadows - Cassandra (Razed in Black mix)
Echoing Green - Face of God (Intervox mix)
Kartagon - The Hunter (Namnambulu mix)
Cosmicity - Tinnitus (T.O.Y. mix)
Hype - Winterday (Love:less mix)
Ganymede - Distance (Fr/action mix)
Red Flag - Asylum (DJ RAM mix)
XP8 - Das Licht (Syrian mix)
Michigan - Red Dawn (Virtual Server mix)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Electricity
Ascii Disko - Ne Travaillez Jamias

September I

Fischerspooner - Emerge
DJ Cuba Gooding Jr - Laserschnabel
ComradeF and Lucy Dell - Simon Says
Trance Rockers - Behind Blue Eyes (Naksi vs Brunner edit)
Neuroactive - Play (Club mix)
Aliensix#13 - Highway To the Sun
Cosmicity - Abort (DJ RAM mix)
Syrian - Vega Velocity (Voager mix)
The Nine - Control (Domination Mix)
The Faint - Agenda Suicide
Neuropa - Every Second (Stop the Clock Mix)
Blind Before Dawn - Far Away (Close mix)
Droom - Stay (Delobbo Chromatic mix)
Starsailor - Four To The Floor (Thin White Duke mix)
Joy Electric - We Are Rock (Echoing Green mix)

September II

Carol Masters - Connect (Mesh mix)
Neuroticfish - Bomb (Extended mix)
Cruxshadows - Love & Hatred (Neuroactive mix)
Monolithic - Arms (Warm Embrace mix)
November Process - Romad
The Sepia - Disto Sabe
Monofader - Mimic
Backandtotheleft - Obsolete
Gothminister - Pray
Thoushaltnot - Glaciers
Static Engine - Times Like These (Control Mix)
The Faint - The Conductor (Thin White Duke)
De/Vision - Im Not Dreaming Of You (Nevarakka mix)
Ganymede - Missing (Raindancer mix)
Iris - Sorrow Expert (Crucible mix)

October I

Cruxshadows - Dragonfly
Paralyzed Age - Berenice (Iris mix)
De/Vision feat. Green Court - Shining
Juno Reactor - God is God
Delerium - After All (Feat Jaël)
B! Machine - Angels (Syrian mix)
Vanished - Angel Vs Butterfly
Endanger - Give Me a Reason (Namnambulu mix)
Provision - Could've Had it All (Daybehavoir mix)
Rename - You Dont Deserve My Love (DJ RAM mix)
Monolithic - House Of Joy (Album Version)
Lavantgarde - Take Me S.I.M. (Kartagon mix)
Monofader - Behind
Assemblage 23 - Regret
Lizard Smile - I Was Wrong

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